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Shopping Cart Activation

Open source & 3rd party cart applications are a great way to get your online store up and running quickly.
It's also a great way to activate Cardinal Consumer Authentication.

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If you are using Magento 1.0 with Authorize.net as your payment gateway, the module is already built in and ready to launch!
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Thin Client Activation

The Thin Client Activation is the most advanced method.
To help you, we have created complete sample code libraries in each of our supported languages for you.

Step One - Download the Activation Guide

The Cardinal Activation Guide contains everything you need to know about installing Cardinal Consumer Authentication.

Download the Activation Guide Here

Step Two - Download the Sample Code

Choose the appropriate language from the selections below.

Download the Cardinal Consumer Authentication Sample Code library for your website's development language. It includes all code and instructions to set up, activate and send test messages through our sandbox environment.

Activation Notes

Logo Placement

In addition to the API integration to facilitate the Consumer Authentication process, the Merchant must also make some important enhancements to the website to support the Consumer Authentication transaction.

The Consumer Authentication program "Learn More" logos are required to be placed on the payment details page of the checkout process. The usage guidelines require that each of these logos link to their respective websites to enable the consumer to learn more about each of the programs.

Disable the Submit Button

It is highly recommended that the final "Buy" button is disabled using Javascript to limit the impact that a double submit of the purchase form has on the authentication process. Instances may arise where a double submit may have a negative impact on the session management within the eCommerce system and prevent authentication from completing successfully.

Browser Back Button

Ensure that your integration handles unexpected user behaviors gracefully, specifically back button activity. The use of session checks at various points throughout the authentication flow can prevent an authenticated transaction from reentering the authentication processing flow subsequent times. Testing and handling these cases will lead to an optimal checkout experience for your consumers.

Atomic Actions

Security solutions are only as secure as the weakest link in the transaction chain. The transaction processing sequences are designed with transaction signature and fraud checks to ensure that the transaction results have not been manipulated. It is important to carry these strict processing techniques over to the Merchant website to ensure that once the data is returned to the Merchant it is interpreted and used properly.

Implementing atomic actions within the transaction processing pages will ensure that the results of the authentication and payment processing are handled properly. Be sure to process the Lookup and Authenticate messages and immediately perform the recommended action using the response values. Avoid passing the authentication results through hidden form fields or through the URL as query string parameters. Passing sensitive data using these techniques can be easily manipulated by the consumer.

Authorization Settlement Integration

The Consumer Authentication process generates additional data elements (CAVV, ECI, XID) that MUST be sent to the gateway or processor on the authorization request (CAVV, ECI and, optionally XID). For some gateways and processors the settlement request may also require the ECI value to be appended to the settlement transaction. The presence of these values on the authorization and settlement transactions will determine the protection or benefit that will be provided to the merchant. Refer to your Gateway vendor's documentation regarding how to pass the authentication data elements to various gateways. It is highly recommended that each merchant confirm that their gateway or processor is properly receiving these data elements once integration is completed.

PayPal UK Merchants

If you are a PayPal UK merchant and use a shopping cart, this is the place for you.

Available Carts

Please select your shopping cart to view and download the correct documentation for your cart.