Getting Started

With your One Connection to Cardinal, activating Consumer Authentication on your website has never been easier.

Identify your website's eCommerce platform

  • - Open source shopping cart name & version
  • - 3rd party shopping cart name & version
  • - Custom built eComm solution

Identify your payment gateway

  • - Who processes your credit card payments?

Ensure that you have access to...

  • - Include javascript into your web page's markup
  • - Server-side code to write JSON Web Tokens

Run test transactions in our sandbox

  • - To see what the lookup & request responses look like
  • - To ensure you have properly connected to Cardinal

Try It Now!

Before launching Cardinal Consumer Authentication in your production environment, you'll want to try it in our sandbox first.

We'll assign you temporary credentials and a sandbox account **

  • - You'll get temporary "Identifier Credentials" to test your connection
  • - You'll get a temporary transaction URL and transaction password
  • - Plug these values into your site and run some test transactions to see it in action

** You won't even have to provide any personal information to try it now!

Buy It Now!

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